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About the game

A brief story ...
Escape is a survival adventure game. Your goal is to escape from fortress around the world. Take a breath and run for your life! The red army, a group of disconnected people, are ready for your escape and they will chase you over the maps of the game. Escape is not hard to understand, to escape from this group of cannibals, you have to reach one of the four towers on the map. But, only one of them can take you out of this hell! Help people over the world to escape from those groups of cannibals... Are you ready to survive? They are ready for your escape!

How to escape ?

Read this section before your escape
Everything you need is a gun , ammo and good legs !

    Running is one of the most important skill you'll need !


    You'll need to be precise when you'll shoot , you don't have a lot of ammo !


    Be careful , just a little sound can be heard by your ennemies !

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